Interpaper Research Organization

Interpaper   is   a   Research   Organization   dealing   with  research   projects   and   consulting  engineers  projects  in  several  fields   of  engineering mechanics, like elasticity, plasticity, fracture mechanics, structural   analysis,  fluid  mechanics,  aerodynamics, petroleum science and  elastodynamics.


At   present   the   S.I.O.M.  (Singular   Integral   Operators  Method)  series  of Windows computer programs, which are over the last years   widely   used    for   the  solution   of   problems   in   many  areas  of  engineering  mechanics   like  elasticity,  structural analysis,  fracture mechanics,  potential  theories,  fluid  mechanics, hydraulics, multiphase flows,  aerodynamics, are  offered   to   a   very  special   price. Available  programs  with constant  and  linear  elements   and   recently very new programs with  quadratic elements.

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Velairfoil 1 Velairfoil 2

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Prof. E. G. Ladopoulos